ANGI reports steady CNG station growth

ANGI Energy Systems announced that within the company's commercial fuel customer base, multiple retail fuel providers are slated to open public fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in Q4 2015.

"In the United States, direct CNG infrastructure development has remained active despite the current volatility in oil prices," says Jared Hightower, vice president of sales for ANGI. "In addition to the environmental and energy security advantages, many fleets still recognize that the price stability of compressed natural gas offers dividends well beyond next quarter. Infrastructure providers see the benefit of CNG too. We're especially proud of our retail partners who are adding CNG to their fueling stations."

In the Southern corridor, OnCue Express, a chain of more than 50 convenience stores and truck stops located throughout Oklahoma, said it has made a long-term commitment to offer fast-fill CNG fueling at stations in this region. According to the company, OnCue has 18 CNG locations, and will soon be adding two additional stations, the OnCue Express Truck Stop on I-35 at the Billings exit and the new OnCue Express Convenience Store at I-240 and Sooner Road in Oklahoma City.

“On the Eastern seaboard, Sunoco commissioned ANGI equipment and successfully reopened its Sunoco APlus fueling station and convenience store at the Pittsburgh International Airport,” according to the company. “In addition to this location, Sunoco integrated CNG into their New Stanton Travel Plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. They are currently in the process of installing a third CNG station in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania off I-79, exit 43 on PA-519 South. Sunoco markets motor fuels through retail outlets in 26 states mainly east of the Mississippi, from Maine to Florida and west to Wisconsin and Louisiana.”

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