ANGP commercializes delivery systems for natural gas vehicles

Adsorbed Natural Gas Products (ANGP) announced that, since its initial launch at the NGV America Conference and Exposition last November in Kansas City, Mo., it has made steady progress toward delivering a commercial adsorbed natural gas (ANG) low pressure storage and delivery system to the market.

“Working with the support of our world class coalition, we are on track to offer a game-changing automotive system that will enable more rapid adaptation of natural gas vehicles in the United States and, eventually, the international market,” said Bob Bonelli, ANGP co-founder and chief executive officer. “ANGP’s adsorbed natural gas storage and delivery system will provide significant economic value to the market. Low pressure is truly an enabling technology that will offer more flexible options for natural gas storage while dramatically lowering the cost of compression on a per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) basis."

ANGP said the key to its success is its business model, which leverages the developmental and manufacturing strength of its coalition partners. Partners include MWV Specialty Chemicals and Worthington Industries. ANGP said at the heart of its system is Nuchar FuelSorb activated carbon monoliths developed and manufactured by MWV Specialty Chemicals.

“Our 40 plus years of commercial success in capturing gasoline evaporative emissions in the automotive market has advanced our technology for the capture and release of hydrocarbons. Combined with our long history of activated carbon development and global manufacturing infrastructure, we’re uniquely qualified to support the successful commercialization of ANG technology for on-board low pressure natural gas storage in all classes of motor vehicles,” said Ed Woodcock, vice president, Carbon Technologies, MWV Specialty Chemicals.

Worthington’s engineers are working with ANGP and MWV Specialty Chemicals’ technical staff to design and manufacture a fully certified pressure vessel incorporating the activated carbon monoliths, the company said.

“Worthington is pleased to be working with ANGP and the coalition to bring commercial ANG low pressure storage systems to the market,” said Wayne Powers, general manager of Worthington Industries Alternative Fuels business. “Our strength is the consistent, reliable performance of our cylinder products due to decades of experience safely and efficiently storing and transporting alternative fuels. It’s a great opportunity to apply our unique expertise to this project.”

The company said another key member of the coalition is Aspen Compressor, whose miniature compressors are key components of ANGP’s creative fuel extraction and pressurization system.

Kang Lee, founder and chief executive officer of Aspen Compressor and Aspen Systems, said, “It is exciting to be part of this coalition and working on a technology that can make a meaningful impact to transform an industry, leading to significant reduction in carbon emissions on a global scale.”

One of the early members of ANGP’s commercial coalition is Midwest Energy Solutions, which designs and builds natural gas fueling stations. It helps ANGP configure and implement its demonstration bi-fuel vehicle, ANGP said.

“Our company has enjoyed working with ANGP over the years and assisting with our fueling experience and on-board system experience,” said Michael Batten, founder and president of Midwest Energy Solutions. “We look forward to participating in the coalition’s commercial ANG system rollout by addressing the low pressure fueling infrastructure aspects of successfully bringing ANG technology to market.”

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