Asplundh adds propane autogas medium-duty trucks

Asplundh adds propane autogas medium-duty trucks

Asplundh, a provider of vegetation management services to utilities and municipalities, has added two Ford F-650 trucks powered by Roush CleanTech propane autogas fuel systems to its fleet.

“We were searching for a cost-effective alternative fuel that provides an adequate refueling infrastructure and also meets our environmental initiatives,” said John Talbot, director of fleet services for Asplundh Tree Expert Co. “Propane autogas was our answer.”

It is estimated that each of these trucks will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 117,000 lbs. over its lifetime. Compared to conventional diesel counterparts, propane autogas vehicles also minimize smog-producing hydrocarbons, virtually eliminate particulate matter, and lessen noise levels. Propane autogas also lowers fuel and maintenance costs and decreases reliance on imported oil.

“When you look at a map of all alternative fuel stations, there are lots of dots for autogas,” said Talbot. Asplundh currently refuels their vehicles at public stations, but may consider using mobile refueling services in the future.

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