ATDynamics wins technology award

ATDynamics has been awarded the 2012 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in the transportation category for its TrailerTail aerodynamic device.

The TrailerTail is a lightweight, thermoplastic composite fairing installed at the back of a tractor-trailer to streamline airflow behind the trailer. According to ATDynamics, the device can reduce aerodynamic drag and corresponding fuel consumption by 6.6% at 65 mph. Using a patented origami folding design, the TrailerTail collapses automatically out of the way when a driver opens the rear doors of a semi-trailer to access cargo.

“ATDynamics is proud to be recognized by the Wall Street Journal for the company’s success in redefining the shape of the modern semi-trailer,” said Andrew Smith, founder of ATDynamics. “The rapid deployment of TrailerTails on the most fuel efficient trucking fleets in North America has set a world-wide example for aerodynamic trailers. TrailerTail technology is poised to save the global trucking industry $80 billion over the next decade and offset the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of four million passenger vehicles.”

A team of Wall Street Journal editors and reporters reviewed the entries and forwarded 172 to an independent panel of judges from venture-capital firms, universities and companies, ATDynamics said. From that pool, the judges chose a total of 37 winners and runners-up in 18 categories. A full list of this year's winners can be viewed at

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