Bergstrom, Vanner to cross-promote anti-idling products

Bergstrom and Vanner have reached a cross-promotional partnership whereby the two companies will promote each other’s anti-idling technologies.

Bergstrom manufactures battery-powered no-idle systems while Vanner’s IdleWatch II system delivers hybrid solutions that provide power management and shut-down solutions for onboard, plug-in devices without idling the engine.

Bergstrom also has promotional agreements with Fontaine Modification, eNow and WheelTime.

“Vanner’s systems start where the NITE system stops,” said Bill Gordon, vice president aftermarket and NITE sales at Bergstrom. “By teaming up, we’re helping fleets across North America and Europe take advantage of the full spectrum of anti-idling technology that is available on the market.”

As a battery-powered, no-idling system, the NITE system is able to generate high BTU cooling capacity without sending damaging emissions into the environment. This helps drivers reduce emissions and comply with anti-idling laws, Bergstrom said. It also helps save money on fuel. The system is the only no-idle system on the market that is able to run off batteries, shore power, solar charger or auto start-stop.

IdleWatch II complements the NITE system by constantly monitoring the battery state-of-charge. If the battery discharges below a predetermined point, IdleWatch II automatically restarts the vehicle to recharge the battery, or notifies the driver to start the vehicle’s engine or turn the equipment off.

To maximize the vehicle’s battery life, IdleWatch II recharges the batteries to the optimum state of charge before shutting off the engine. It also enables fleets to operate AC and DC power tools and equipment from the battery when the engine is not running, without fear on not being able to restart the engine.

“Bergstrom and Vanner share the belief in high quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible products, and we are very excited to be teaming up,” said Bruce Beegle, vice president, truck & military sales for Vanner.

Fleet owners and owner-operators can order the Vanner system to be professionally installed at Fontaine Modification’s eight centers throughout Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Georgia and North Carolina.


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