Brochure details new TIER 4 diesel emissions standards

New TIER 4 diesel engine emissions standards go into effect in 2014, requiring diesel systems to operate generating emissions at 10% of TIER 3 levels for particulate matter (soot) and 50% of nitrous oxide (NOx) levels. To help alleviate customer concerns and help understand the regulation, Bosch Rexroth has published a brochure detailing the changes.

The brochure is designed to help mobile equipment manufacturers solve the engineering and operational challenges associated with the final implementation of TIER 4 diesel engine emissions standards. According to Bosch Rexroth, this reduction will force many mobile equipment manufacturers to fully redesign their systems.

According to the company, the brochure details the engineering challenges facing mobile equipment builders as they engineer TIER 4 compliant machines including:

  • Expanded space requirements -- exhaust cooling systems that may require up to 15 to 40% more space
  • Increased cooling systems -- to maintain a narrower engine temperature range to control emissions
  • Changed dynamic response of diesel engines -- if machine developers downsize the engine to control emissions that could impact machine performance
  • Increased operating and equipment costs -- If a piecemail approach is taken to redesign systems, component costs can escalate and operational performance suffers

The brochure also provides detailed concepts from Rexroth on ways to address these issues through optimized hydraulics and drives solutions, with specific recommendations about how to apply cutting edge mobile technologies such as hydrostatic fan drives, diesel hydraulic controls and variable speed pumps to create TIER 4 compliant mobile machines that are cost-effective and competitive solutions.

Download the free brochure here.

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