Building CNG fueling stations faster, better

Sister companies SSP Corp. (the parent corporation) and AFV Natural Gas Fuel Systems recently gave the trucking industry and members of the press a close up look at how they are helping to accelerate build-out of the compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station network while also providing tube and hose assemblies for use in natural gas vehicle fuel systems.

SSP has developed a solution the company calls “CNG Plus,” designed to help companies building CNG fueling stations get the job done faster without compromising safety.  CNG Plus offers a three-part approach construction:

  • A line of existing products redesigned to meet the specific needs of the CNG fueling construction and maintenance business
  • New products specifically designed to reduce the cost and improve the speed, quality and safety of CNG station construction 
  • Hands-on instruction for selecting, handling and installing coiled tubing and SSP fittings.  SSP also offer training in how to measure layout, bend and install stainless steel tubing systems.

One of the components central to this accelerated process is SSP’s seamless, stainless steel coiled tubing, made to the same restricted tolerance controls as the company’s straight length tubing. Shipped on wooden spools for all coils of 300 feet or more, the tubing is available in lengths up to 6,000 feet (Xtreme) without any longitudinal or orbital welds. The coiled tubing is intended to make it quicker and safer to run fuel lines over a distance from CNG storage tanks to fuel pumps, without having to link together sections of straight tubing.

SSP application engineer, Gregg Lennon, noted that “CNG Plus is based on a philosophy about making the build-out [of CNG fueling stations] go faster and safer.” We have the methodology, materials and tools, he told Fleet Owner. We can even deliver it all in our construction trailer, which can be used for storage on-site. 

Jeff King, CEO of SSP, told Fleet Owner, “We are trying to help build an American energy success story.”

Kevin W. Dickey is general manager of AFV Natural Gas Fuel Systems, a provider of tube and hose assemblies primarily used in natural gas vehicle fuel systems. Like parent corporation SSP, the company is focused on the emerging natural gas vehicle marketplace.  Conversion companies make up about 80% of their business, according to Dickey.

AFV’s forte is tight-flex, high-pressure hoses bent to fit the tight spaces tubing has to work around and through on CNG conversion vehicles. SSP provides AFV with fittings and valves. 

The two companies share an enthusiasm and vision for a natural gas-powered fleet future. There are only about 150,000 natural gas vehicles running in the U.S. Dickey and Lennon noted. That looks like a lot of potential.

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