Cleaire emissions lab now open for outside services

 Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls recently announced that their heavy-duty Chassis Dynamometer Emissions Laboratory is now available for outside contract services. Located in Richmond, CA on the campus of the Chevron Technology Center, the laboratory is capable of testing a variety of medium- and heavy-duty power train technologies including diesel emission control systems, hybrid power trains and alternative fuels.

 According to Cleaire, this EPA emissions heavy-duty dynamometer was originally designed and constructed by Chevron and Fronde-Consine, Ltd., of Worcester, England, and is one of only six facilities of its type in the United States.

 Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls has used the lab extensively since 2002 to support internal product development and verification work for its portfolio of diesel particulate filters. In additional to chassis dynamometer testing, they are also able to offer services in the areas of field testing, data acquisition and a range of hot and cold flow bench test capabilities to evaluate catalysts and filter technologies.

 “We are excited about opening our doors to external customers to perform contract testing services,” said Gale Plummer, Cleaire CEO.  “We’ve invested significantly over the past few years to ensure the laboratory is functioning at the highest possible levels of quality and efficiency required to meet customer's needs.” 

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