Crosspoint Kinetics offering lease program for hybrid system

Crosspoint Kinetics is offering a special leasing program through Pro Leasing Services to commercial fleets and transit agencies interested in acquiring its Kinetics Hybrid system.

The Kinetics Hybrid system transforms Class 3-7 buses and trucks into more fuel-efficient and cleaner running vehicles, the company said. Fleets have reported up to 30% more miles per gallon and a comparable reduction in emissions when the hybrid is used in heavy start/stop duty cycles.

The hybrid is engineered to be easy to install and easy to use, with minimal driver training and no extra steps for the driver to take.

The leasing program offers flexible terms, allowing fleets to select terms that best fit their needs and goals. Many fleets, for instance, may apply their monthly fuel savings to pay the lease.

In most cases, fleets only need to fill out a simple application.

“Pro Leasing is excited to work with Crosspoint Kinetics to provide financing for their fleet customers,” said Monica Diehl, business development manager for Pro Leasing. “Our ‘Go Green’ initiative is a great way for fleets to be more environmentally conscious while they also better manage cash flow.”

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