Document assists in hybrid electric decision-making

Document assists in hybrid electric decision-making

Eaton Corp. has released an educational fact sheet to assist those considering hybrid-electric power when making their decision. The one-page, two-sided document is available free of charge at

“More and more of our potential hybrid customers had been asking us for a good resource to best determine the appropriateness of a hybrid system for their fleet,” said Kevin Snow, Eaton chief engineer, hybrid applications and integration. “With fuel costs once again soaring, the timing of the document’s release should be especially well-received. Our Roadranger field service representatives, of course, remain another valuable source for information.”

The document, “Is hybrid power right for your vehicle, your fleet?” covers applications for hybrid-electric power. It also addresses jobsite operation time, stop densities, appropriate vehicle speeds, proper driving techniques, warranty information and more.

The document lists the resources available from Eaton as well as key specifications and service assistance. There is also advice on determining ROI, fuel consumption, calculating weight and grade requirements, determining engine approvals, accessing website assistance, and onsite and after-the-sales support.

According to Eaton, there are more than 5,500 Eaton hybrid systems on the road today on vehicles ranging from city buses, school buses, delivery trucks, refuse and recycling trucks and utility vehicles.

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