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Donaldson Co. LPG vehicle filtration systems Photo: Alliance Autogas / Donaldson Co.
Alliance Autogas and Donaldson Co. will market two new filters specifically designed for vehicles running propane autogas.

Donaldson LPG filtration system offers fleets higher autogas quality

Medium- and heavy-duty fleet propane autogas conversion company Alliance AutoGas has teamed with Donaldson Co. to release a new line of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filters that remove particulate matter and residual oils or "heavy ends" from propane systems. The filters were designed for vehicles running propane autogas and are available through propane equipment distributors nationwide, according to the companies.

While gasoline and diesel fuels are commonly filtered multiple times as they are transported to end-users, Donaldson noted, propane traditionally isn't filtered. But as propane has gained popularity as a transportation fuel, consistent fuel quality has become a greater need for fleets.

Alliance Autogas and Donaldson are bringing to market two filters specifically designed to eliminate potential fuel contamination problems with autogas fuel dispenser systems. One is a primary particulate filter designed to remove 99% of harmful particulates 0.5 micron and larger. The other is a secondary absorbent carbon filter engineered to remove heavy ends without removing propane's added odorant. The filters' housings are made from high-phosphorus nickel-plated steel.

The filters can deliver fleets reduced downtime and maintenance for their propane-driven vehicles, Donaldson claimed, and the dual filter design can be tailored to a fleet's specific needs. Additionally, the filters can be sold and installed separately or together.

Donaldson's history in developing filtration products includes inventing more than a century ago what it claims was the first engine air filter. The company said that made it a good fit with Alliance AutoGas, which has developed propane products such as its "plug and play" conversion system, quick-connect refueling nozzle and evacuation pump.


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