EkoStinger says it is “much more than a side skirt”

EkoStinger believes it has set itself apart when it comes to aerodynamic trailer systems. From the beginning, EkoStinger has been touting that it offers fleets much more than side skirts or mid-mount systems.

“In fleet after fleet, EkoStinger is helping make the roads a safer place for both the truck drivers and non-truck traffic,” the company said. “Any driver who has driven with the EkoStinger on their trailer will tell you that the trailer is far more stable than a regular trailer, especially in high cross wind situations, the trailer tracks straighter and that they have far better rear visibility because EkoStinger reduces mist by at least 70%. These features coupled with real world consistent fuel savings of 4% to 6% make EkoStinger a clear winner for drivers and fleet owners.”

The company said the system is designed as a two-part system that offers consistent fuel savings: 1) A cross member cover that keeps the cross members and floor clean and dry throughout the life of the trailer adding to the life of the trailer while reducing repairs and 2) the movable arrow portion of the device. The arrow moves with the tandem without driver interaction keeping the aerodynamics consistent in any tandem position or driving condition.

“The combination of these two systems provides the fleet owner with safer driving conditions for their drivers, prolongs the life of the trailer, reduces maintenance and consistently saves fuel,” the company said.

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