Electric APU available on new Volvo sleepers

Volvo Trucks sleeper cabs can now be spec’d with the Idle Free Systems’ electric APU system direct from the factory. The option is available through the Volvo New Vehicle Option Center (NVOC) and can be purchased through any dealer.

By ordering the Idle Free system from the factory, redundant components can be eliminated, thereby reducing cost, Idle Free said. The Idle Free system is an EPA SmartWay verified technology and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant system that operates heat, air conditioning, and hotel needs.

“One of the significant advantages to this ability to spec the truck with the Idle Free electric APU is that the customer can then eliminate parts that the APU makes obsolete,” said Robert Hopton, CEO of Idle Free Systems. “For example, a truck being spec’d with the Idle Free system doesn’t need a bunk air heater, an electric block heater or a factory inverter. Those needs are already accounted for in the Idle Free electric APU.”

Volvo is supplying dealers with a “prep kit” check list to assist in ordering the system.

The Idle Free system is an AC-based system that does not use the truck’s starter batteries for power. It can be spec’d on new trucks or fit onto existing trucks.


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