Ervin Equipment to sell American Power Group’s dual fuel glider kit

Ervin Equipment will sell American Power Group’s (APG) dual fuel upgrade system to customers. To support the effort, Ervin has placed an initial order worth $800,000 through WheelTime Network member Clarke Power Systems at the lead authorized dealer.

The available systems include 2014 Freightliner Columbia and Coronado glider kits powered by a rebuilt Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7L engine that has been upgraded with APG’s turbocharged natural gas system.

A glider kit is a truck that has a new frame, cab, electrical system, and front axle but must utilize rebuilt systems for two of the three drivetrain components which are the engine, the transmission, or the rear axle. In addition to tax benefits, a glider allows the truck owner to power the vehicle with an older EPA approved emissions class engine, APG said. APG said its EPA dual fuel tests show sustainability improvements that include an 80% reduction in CO and a 25% to 30% reduction in nitrous oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions compared to the base year diesel engine.

“We believe a natural gas dual fuel glider kit is one of the most exciting new truck options to hit the market and gives the fleet owner the absolute lowest total cost of ownership in managing their business,” said Greg Ervin, CEO of Ervin Equipment. “The APG turbocharged dual fuel system has logged millions of maintenance-free miles around the world under very demanding driving conditions, and we have come to appreciate why the WheelTime Network selected and endorsed APG’s dual fuel technology.”

According to Ervin, the flexibility afforded to customers “to transfer the APG dual fuel system to another one of their trucks at end of life, and the freedom of their non-invasive technology to always go back to a 100% diesel operation at the switch of a button” were among the factors in the decision to offer the system.

“We are ecstatic that Ervin Equipment has endorsed APG’s technology as the dual fuel solution of choice.  Ervin Equipment has an impressive list of long-term fleet customer partnerships and we will work diligently with their sales team to accelerate the roll-out of our dual fuel product line,” said Lyle Jensen, CEO of APG.

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