Fairings designed for van trailers with drop-down boxes

Fairings designed for van trailers with drop-down boxes

Freight Wing has released aerodynamic fairings designed for van trailers utilizing drop-down storage boxes. The fairings can improve fuel economy up to 5%, Freight Wing said.

“This segment of the van market, while not large, has an opportunity to cut its fuel bills and reap a payback in a matter of months with side skirts,” said Sean Graham, president of Freight Wing. “With our side skirts for dry van trailers, payback is often less than 35,000 mi. of utilization.  It’s only slightly more with side skirts for box fairing trailers.”

Attached to the storage box on each side of the trailer, the fairings are made of automotive grade plastic. A full fairing starts at the beginning of the trailer and connects to the belly box directing airflow around the storage container, Freight Wing said. The belly box profile is then extended downward with the fairing to about 8 in. from the ground.  

Weighing 80 lbs., the fairings are able to flex and bend and return to their original shape, the company said.

Installation runs between one and two hours.

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