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Fleets will save with next round of GHG rules

There’s no reason to doubt that heavy-duty truck users will see substantial lifetime cost savings when the next phase of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction standards roll around in 2019, according to a fleet services executive.

The first step in Federal GHG standards, which are being phased in between this year and 2018, “could save owners and operators an estimated $50 billion in fuel costs,” according to a blog authored by Jim Sweeney, Vice President of Capital Equipment for AmeriQuest Transportation Services.  “There is no reason to doubt similar benefits will not be generated by the 2019 rules.”

Though the 2019 rules have not yet been developed, Sweeney’s blog goes on to detail what equipment technology might be used to generate new levels of GHG reductions, as well as estimated costs and operating savings.

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