Focus on Fleets conference to open ahead of alternative vehicle Expo

A special conference for fleets will be held the day before the 7th Annual Alternative Energy and Transportation (AltCar) Expo in Santa Monica, CA. The Focus on Fleets conference will take place on Friday, Sept. 28, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The AltCar Expo takes place on Saturday, Sept. 29, in the same building.

Sponsored by NAFA Fleet Management Assn., the conference provides the latest information on alternative vehicle technology, infrastructure and sustainability. Los Angeles County Mayor Michael D. Antonovich will provide the keynote address.

“The AltCar Expo is a superb opportunity to showcase developments in the world of alternative transportation, and explore the opportunities available now and in the future,” Antonovich said. “Innovation and development of alternative energy, resources and clean, convenient and efficient transportation are vital to the economy and the quality of life here in Los Angeles County.”

AltCar offers alternative technology vehicles, alternative transportation, urban planning, energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction options education. Alternative transportation experts will share ways to use less energy and reduce carbon footprints without making significant lifestyle changes. 

NAFA, along with the Municipal Equipment Maintenance Assn. (MEMA) will host a discussion of the main challenges facing fleets, highlighting the need for funding, the challenge of vehicle availability, and registering vehicles with the Air Resources Board—a hot topic among fleet managers.

“Alternative fuels is such an essential concern for our membership today and we are dedicated to our sustainability goals,” said NAFA Executive Director Phillip Russo. “NAFA is excited about the AltCar, as getting the word out on fleet management’s impact to both the industry and to the public at large is paramount to our mission.”

The conference will feature:

  • A roundtable discussion moderated by Rick Teebay, program manager for the Los Angeles County Office of Sustainability. Clean Cities stakeholders and others will share best practices, challenges and successes, and funding for alternative fleets;
  • City of Santa Ana Fleet Manager and MEMA Board President, Rick Longobart will moderate the “Fleet Challenges and Successes” session;
  • At the Ride & Drive, attendees can test-drive the newest and soon to be on the market sustainable options in cars from major manufacturers and alternative new companies;
  • Second Annual Fleet and Municipality Community Meeting will allow for Q&A between consumers, manufacturers and the public;
  • Conference partners include the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), DOE Clean Cities, South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), MEMA, NAFA, and American Public Works Association;
  • A joint AQMD/SCAG session to discuss their new Department of Energy and California Energy Commission funded regional plan;
  •  Sustainable Design Architect Eric Corey Freed will speak about oil dependency; and
  • A lifetime achievement award will be presented to Riverside Mayor Ronald Loveridge.

For further information, visit or call (310) 390-2930.

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