Gain Clean Fuel to open 5 CNG stations for C.A.T.

C.A.T. (formerly Canadian American Transportation C.A.T.) will operate over 100 compressed natural gas vehicles in North America, fueling those vehicles through five new Gain Clean Fuel CNG stations built by U.S. Oil

C.A.T. recently announced it will acquire 100 Ryder CNG sleeper tractors. The Gain stations will be located in Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Laredo, Texas; Charlotte, NC; and Scranton, PA.

"Gain stations have a great reputation of being extremely reliable which is critical as we’ll be utilizing CNG for our over-the-road fleet,” said Daniel Goyette, president of C.A.T. Inc. “The partnership with U.S. Oil is critical to our business needs. These new stations will be strategically located and pair well with existing Gain stations throughout the country to create the nationwide network we need.”

U.S. Oil currently has 38 Gain stations in operation or under construction.

C.A.T. serves the automotive, appliances, paper, and food service industries in the United States, Mexico and Canada through its six terminals located in North America.

“Many carriers do small, incremental conversions to their fleets,” said Bill Renz, general manager for Gain Clean Fuel. “To make the decision to convert 100 trucks at once is a true testament of significant benefits CNG offers carriers and U.S. Oil is working hard to ensure that the network is in place for carriers to benefit from it. That network now includes Canada.”

The new stations, like all other Gain stations, will provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities. The station will also have fleet card acceptance capabilities for trucker convenience and provide reliability to ensure that fleets have a consistent fuel source.

A complete list of Gain Clean Fuel stations can be found at

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