Gain Clean Fuel station to serve Delco Foods

A new Gain Clean Fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) station will open in Indianapolis, IN, to serve Delco Foods. Delco, an Italian and specialty food distribution company, will convert its fleet to CNG.

Operated by U.S. Oil, the station will open in November and will also be accessible by other carriers and the general public. It is located just minutes from Delco’s distribution facility.

 “This is a great opportunity as it will help us continue to improve the value of our Delco’s products and services, and maintain our commitment to outstanding customer service.” he said. “We look forward to working with U.S. Oil on the opening of this new station,” said Bill Dollard, vice president of operations.

“This Indianapolis station is another key Midwest location for us, and continues our buildup of a national CNG network” said Bill Renz, Gain Clean Fuel general manager. “Not only does the location benefit Delco Foods due to its proximity to Delco’s facilities, it also a great location for other regional and national carriers traveling this route.”

 U.S. Oil currently operates 17 Gain Clean Fuel stations and is in the process of constructing 15 more stations.

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