Keltic Transportation is first New Brunswick fleet to deploy TrailerTail technology

Keltic Transportation is first New Brunswick fleet to deploy TrailerTail technology

Following a recent decision by the province of New Brunswick, Canada, Keltic Transportation has announced it will deploy 90 TrailerTail Trident aerodynamic devices from ATDynamics.

Testing has shown that the three-sided TrailerTail Trident can tractor-trailer fuel consumption by over 5%, ATDynamics said.

New Brunswick recently enacted a deferred enforcement policy on Nov. 25, 2014, the company said, to officially allow full length, maximum efficiency “boat tail’ aerodynamic devices to operate within its territory as an interim measure in advance of provincial legislative changes. 

“Reducing the environmental impact of our operations through reduced fuel consumption was the primary driver of our investment in TrailerTail technology and so we acted as soon we were able to legally operate the equipment in our home Province,” Mike Clements, vice president of corporate operations at Keltic Transportation. “We are early technology adopters and are keen to implement technology which gives us competitive advantage and adds value to our customers by keeping their shipping costs as low as possible. TrailerTails also benefit our drivers through better trailer handling, which reduces driver fatigue and improves their day-to-day work experience.” 

In the last 60 days, leading trucking fleets across Canada have placed orders for over 1,000 TrailerTails, ATDynamics said.

Keltic Transportation is a Smartway Transport Partner and operates ultra-efficient, ‘Enviro-Trucks’ equipped with APU’s, trailer side skirts, low rolling resistance tires and automatic tire pressure systems in addition to speed caps and driver fuel efficiency incentives to maximize fuel efficiency. 

“The team at Keltic conducted thorough due diligence before moving forward with this investment by speaking to fleets using TrailerTail technology both in the U.S. and Canada to verify fuel savings, winter operation, durability and on-road safety,” said Allen Smith, director of North American sales and Canadian operations at ATDynamics. “They are now poised to benefit from a 5 percent fuel efficiency advantage over competitors as well as providing their customers with greener transportation solutions.”

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