More Proof We Are On The Right Track

It’s always helpful to get independent real-world confirmation that we are on the right track with the efficiency work we do. That’s why I was happy to see CK Commercial Vehicle Research’s March 2015 Best Practices Report. The report is conducted on behalf of the organization’s Fleet Advisors based on questions they submit. For more information on the study go to

While not all the questions in the survey related to trucking efficiency, there were several that caught my eye. One question deals with idle reduction efforts. I was especially heartened by one respondent who wrote, “Shut the darn things OFF!!!!” clearly referring to truck engines. Another reported that his fleet was able to reduce acceptable idle time to 10% on units equipped with APUs. Several others commented on the fact that with the newer equipment they have had to educate drivers on the effect idling has on the newer engines equipped with diesel particulate filters.

The last question of the survey asked which new technologies fleets were testing and what the expected benefits were. I was delighted to see that hands down the benefit mentioned most often was improving fuel economy, with safety and reduced downtime second and third.

The technologies that these fleets are looking at to improve their fuel efficiency include automated transmissions, synthetic engine oil, tractor aerodynamic packages, clutched air compressors, battery HVAC systems, trailer aerodynamics, vented flaps and adaptive gearing.

These are all things we asked the fleets that participate in our Fleet Fuel Survey about. The primary goal of the study is to look at the adoption rate of 68 technologies and practices that result in fuel economy improvements. Our study, like CKCVR’s Best Practices study, focuses on what actually was purchased and implemented by fleets. We try to keep things real world. We’ll be announcing our findings during a press conference May 6 at 2 pm during ACT Expo.

While CKCVR’s study and our own Fleet Fuel Study contain a lot of information, we always like to hear from fleets about what you’re doing and the challenges and successes you’re having with efficiency technologies. Drop me an email at [email protected] or stop by the Trucking Efficiency booth at ACT Expo to share your experiences. It helps us know we are on the right track.


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