Natural gas training programs certified by ASE

Training programs offered by the Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) have received certification from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). According to NGVi, it is the first and only ASE-certified CASE provider that specializes in training for the natural gas vehicle industry.

In late October, a National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) evaluation team visited NGVi’s corporate headquarters and performed a detailed onsite evaluation of the company’s training development process and curriculum, the organization said.

“Natural Gas Vehicle Institute is well known in the industry for its dedication to providing comprehensive and high quality training programs,” said Leo Thomason, executive director. “We share this commitment with ASE, and are proud to provide our customers with the leading-edge courses that train them to safely and competently operate and manage natural gas vehicles and fueling technologies.”
To receive certification, training companies must go through a rigorous and extensive review of their training and student assessment methods, validity of the curriculum and material, administrative processes, and instructor qualifications.

ASE CASE certification is administered by NATEF, and assures the highest quality of training processes. Because of the stringent requirements, only about 50 U.S. companies have achieved this certification, NGVi said.

NGVi’s training programs cover a range of topics, including natural gas vehicle and technician safety, CNG fueling system inspections, CNG fueling station sizing, design, operation and maintenance, and overall NGV fleet management. According to NGVi, the programs focus on “how-to” procedures and industry best practices.

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