New APU focuses solely on driver comfort

LOUISVILLE. A new Dynasys auxiliary power unit (APU) model introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show this week is designed to provide comfort to drivers of both day cabs and sleepers.

The Dynasys SL is an 18-in. wide “automotive-style HVAC” system, the company said, that does not include an AC power generator, allowing it to focus solely on providing operator comfort and climate control inside the cab.

The system employs a belt-driven AC compressor to generate up to 24,000 BTU/hr of cooling power and heat dissipation from its diesel power plant to deliver up to 8,000 BTU/hr of heating strength.

With 25% less weight than the standard Dynasys model and its ability to accommodate both day cab and sleeper cab power units, the new Dynasys SL gives fleets more options, more flexibility and more convenience by providing enhanced in-cab comfort, as they compete to attract and retain drivers.

“At only 18 in. wide, the Dynasys and new Dynasys SL have the thinnest profile of any diesel-powered APUs on the market,” said Terry Nielsen, chief engineer. “With the proliferation of AC inverters in most day cabs and sleeper cabs today, we wanted to provide an alternative APU without self-contained power generating capabilities that would be about 25% lighter and even easier to maintain.”

Both the original Dynasys and new Dynasys SL use a corrosion-resistant stainless steel outer envelope and heavy-duty zinc-plated frame with powder coating. Also unique to the Dynasys brand is its in-cab, touch-screen user interface controller.

To add to operator comfort, the units are also designed with advanced noise reduction technology, keeping them at or below 75 dB under full load, producing about a third less noise than an idling class-eight diesel truck.

Both the original Dynasys and new Dynasys SL are powered by an easily accessed two-cylinder Caterpillar CO.5i diesel engine, boasting an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rating of Tier-4, the lowest emission rating for its class. Dynasys APUs attach to a power unit’s existing fuel tank and operate on less than one quarter of the diesel fuel needed to idle a class-eight diesel engine.

The Dynasys SL day cab model has a versatile HVAC console with four large multi-directional air vents, two large integrated cup holders and two storage trays. The sturdy, molded plastic and steel construction console also includes a USB charging port and a common 12-volt DC power receptacle.

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