New composite trailer side skirt from Freight Wing

New composite trailer side skirt from Freight Wing

Aerodynamic device maker Freight Wing is introducing a new trailer side skirt, the AeroFlex Composite, which it said can help improve fuel economy by up to 7.45%.  

Made of a pliable composite material and braced with flexible mounting rods, the new side skirt weighs 170 pounds, noted Sean Graham, Freight Wing’s president.

“It’s a great new addition to our line of aerodynamic trailer fairings,” Graham said. “It joins our family of side skirts, which includes the AeroFlex DMP – formerly called the AeroFlex 2012 – which is constructed of heavy duty dense matrix polyethylene (DMP). Our new composite model is of the same geometry as the DMP and gets the same fuel economy benefits as our original model – they’re just constructed differently.”

While the DMP model can take the most abuse thanks to the “bounce back” nature of its plastic construction, he stressed that AeroFlex Composite’s material is still is able to bend from impacts such as bottoming out at loading docks.

“They are also UV-protected and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion – allowing the skirts to hold its flat panel shape,” Graham added. 

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