New Espar heater designed to run on CNG

INDIANAPOLIS. Espar North America has unveiled the new Airtronic NG Commercial air heater. Designed to use within the cab environment, the Airtronic is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), making it ideal for trucks fuelled by the fuel.

“Our Airtronic NG Commercial is the first air heater that is specially designed for the continuously growing market for natural gas trucks in North America”, explains Dr. Volker Hohensee, president Espar North America. “The Airtronic NG Commercial project shows that in addition to modern heating components for diesel and gasoline vehicles, we are consistently working on new solutions for alternative, environmentally-friendly drives in the commercial vehicle segment.”

Espar worked with Germany-based Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. on the heater. Truma manufactures gas-fuelled heating systems in the leisure vehicle/motor home and caravan sector in Europe.

According to the company, because the Airtronic NG Commercial is run on CNG, it can run on the same fuel source as the engine, eliminating the need for additional tanks.

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