Nikola Photo: Nikola
The Nikola Two.

Nikola to introduce battery electric trucks in April

Company says no change to plans to also unveil hydrogen fuel cell models.

Nikola Motors Co. said its Two and Tre heavy-duty truck models will be offered in both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell versions when formally introduced in April.

The company previously announced plans to unveil hydrogen fuel cell trucks during an event scheduled for mid-April. However, in a series of tweets late last week CEO Trevor Milton announced plans to roll out battery electric models with 500kWh, 750kWh, and 1MWh variants at the same time. 

"Nikola is not phasing our hydrogen at all,” the company tweeted, adding that is expects 50 times more hydrogen orders than battery electrics.

It said via Twitter the hydrogen fuel cell version is 5,000 lbs. lighter than battery electric vehicles, “and is cheaper for long haul applications, even with [hydrogen] costs.”

The company also said battery electrics are best for urban deliveries and applications that are not weight sensitive. 

Currently, the previously unveiled Nikola One is expected to remain hydrogen only, and aimed at long haul customers needing a sleeper cab. 

Back in November, Nikola said it had created a hydrogen-electric truck, known as the Tre, for European markets, and had begun taking reservations. That model, which meets existing European size and length regulations, has between 500-1,000 horsepower and a range of 500 to 1,200 kilometers, depending on options, the company said.

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