NYC’s fleet sets an MPG record

The vehicle fleet operated by the City of New York has “achieved its highest fuel economy ever for new vehicles at 45.5 mpg,” according to Keith T. Kerman, chief fleet officer— Citywide Administrative Services. The milestone was reached in the fleet’s fiscal year 2013.

Kerman pointed out that the “purchase of 58 plug-in electric vehicles, including Nissan Leafs, Ford Focuses, and GM Volts, helped drive this achievement.”

He noted that, in total, New York City purchased 690 hybrid or plug-in vehicles for non-emergency uses, including 345 Ford Fusion Hybrids and 199 Toyota Priuses.

“For a reference point,” Kerman advised, “on December 12, 2013, [the] Federal EPA announced that the average fuel economy for light- and medium-duty vehicles sold nationally was 23.6 miles per gallon. NYC’s fleet is almost twice as fuel efficient.”

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