Oasis Trucking Centers to offer biodiesel fueling stations

Clean Emission Fluids, a Detroit-based biodiesel company and Oasis Trucking Centers announced they have formed Greenway Fueling, a joint venture that will offer biodiesel, biodiesel blends and regular diesel in addition to the southwest Detroit truck center’s other services.

The fueling center will open within the next two weeks, according to a Crains Detroit Business report. The truck center will give drivers an option of purchasing 100% diesel or a mix of diesel and biodiesel.

Clean Emission Fluids has a patent on a biodiesel blending machine that mixes different combinations of diesel and biofuel on site, allowing drivers to use blends specific to their individual vehicles, according to Oliver Baer, CEO of Clean Emission Fluids.

Oasis Trucking Centers offers drivers laundry, showers and coffee in a secure setting, complete with electric fences, guard dogs, ID scanners and homeland security-style cameras. Drivers can pay $15 a day or $180 a month to park their rigs at the center.

Clean Emission Fluids and Oasis are planning more truck centers and fueling stations along I-75, as well as in other areas of the country, Baer said.

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