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Orange EV trucks approved under California’s HVIP

Orange EV announced that fleets in California can purchase a new T-Series pure electric terminal truck for less than the cost of a new Tier 4 diesel truck. With three new approvals, all of Orange EV's on-road truck configurations are now eligible for the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), a streamlined incentive program enabling large point-of-sale discounts.

According to the company, public, private and federal fleets can utilize HVIP’s pre-approved voucher amounts to save up to $140,000 per truck, paying as little as $104,950 for a new standard duty (80 kWh) T-Series emission-free terminal truck (aka hostler, spotter, yard truck).

“This is what fleets have been waiting for – it doesn’t get easier," said Mike Saxton, Orange EV chief commercial officer. "California's HVIP program guarantees hefty discounts off the purchase price, enabling fleets to purchase electric trucks with the same funds earmarked for diesels, and then operate for significantly less saving up to 90% net in fuel, and more in a broad range of other areas. Fleets also avoid the headache of operating and maintaining Tier 4 diesel engines while greatly improving air quality on-site and in neighboring communities. The T-series is the truck of choice for California drivers who have repeatedly affirmed that Orange EV trucks do the job while being cooler, smoother, quieter and cleaner than diesels."

HVIP aims to accelerate the purchase of cleaner, more efficient trucks and buses in California by simplifying the incentive process and removing uncertainty. Fleet owners secure discounts through an approved vendor or dealer (such as Orange EV, also the OEM) who handles the voucher request process start to finish. Requests are a few pages long and can be approved within days. Once approved, discounts are applied at purchase allowing fleet owners to pay the truck cost less incentive amount. The vendor bears the risk of collecting – Orange EV receives voucher funds after trucks have been delivered. Another standout benefit: HVIP does not require the destruction of an existing truck or engine. Similar point-of-sale discount programs exist in other major metropolitan service areas around the country including Chicago and the state of New York.

To begin, fleet owners select from trucks approved by HVIP. "Orange EV gives fleets multiple truck options to meet the site duty cycle while limiting cost," advised Saxton. "Since each site has its own operating needs, we spec and build the trucks accordingly. All of Orange EV’s on-road truck configurations are HVIP-approved so fleets can select the best fit option, whether that's new or re-powered (aka remanufactured) with larger or smaller battery packs, all at significantly reduced price."

From single shift to 24x7 operations, Orange EV electric terminal trucks operate up to 24+ hours per charge in railroad inter-modal, LTL freight, manufacturing, retail distribution, waste management, warehouse, and other container handling operations. Companies in these and other sectors can use HVIP funds to renew fleet assets and minimize annual operating costs with reduced capital investment. Traditional equipment financing programs are available.

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