Pinnacle Propane joins Alliance AutoGas network

Pinnacle Propane has joined the national AllianceAutoGas network, allowing its customers access to autogas vehicle conversion programs and fuel station installation. Pinnacle Propane has retail propane operations in five Southwestern states.

“The addition of Pinnacle Propane to the Alliance AutoGas partner network is a big step toward reaching our objective of completely covering the lower 48,” said Stuart Weidie, Alliance AutoGas president and founder of AutogasforAmerica. “High gasoline prices are taking a big bite out of business and government budgets across the country. Shifting fleets to autogas will help them cut fuel costs while reducing our country’s dependence on foreign oil.”

Alliance offers programs for vehicle conversions, installation of a fuel station at the fleet base, data integration for fuel management systems, operational and safety training, and ongoing technical support. Conversions utilize the bi-fuel Prins Vapor Sequential Injection (VSI) System, which is EPA-certified for a range of vehicle platforms.

“Joining Alliance AutoGas was a logical step in our mission to bring the benefits of energy efficient propane to residents and businesses in the American Southwest,” said Chris Hill, Pinnacle Propane president. “Partly because it can be implemented in the market much quicker than CNG, autogas is the most viable and readily available clean fuel on the market today.”

According to Alliance, the benefits of autogas include reduced emissions and lower fuel costs by at least $1.25/gal. It is also 30% cleaner than gasoline, and 90% of the U.S. autogas supply is made in America, the organization said.

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