Procter & Gamble shifting for-hire loads to natural gas vehicles

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has said it will commit to running 20% of all its for-hire truck loads on vehicles powered by natural gas.

P&G will work with eight transportation carriers on the initiative, expected to be completed within two years. By meeting this goal, savings for the converted lanes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are expected to reach nearly 5,000 metric tons, or the equivalent GHG emissions from 1,000 passenger vehicles for a year, P&G said.

P&G’s said it will convert approximately 7% of the company’s North America for-hire transportation network to natural gas powered trucks during the initial phase. This will be delivered in 16 states with an average length of haul over 280 mi., including two 1,000 mi. truck lanes. 

The use of for-hire transportation carriers for natural gas in the market will enable P&G to use them on routes far longer than is the average in the dedicated fleet model, the company said.

“P&G is investing in carriers with a commitment to natural gas vehicles to help boost the emerging natural gas industry, while continuing to seek more sustainable options for our supply chain and operations,” said Yannis Skoufalos, global product supply officer for P&G.  “Natural gas powered trucks are a cleaner way for us to deliver the superior products our customers love to the communities we support.”

P&G operates 22 natural gas vehicles in its private fleet.

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