Propane benefits from alternative-fuel tax credits

Part of the “fiscal cliff” agreement reached in Washington last week is an extension of alternative-fuel tax credits. Those credits can be used for the purchase of propane autogas as well as the installation of propane autogas infrastructure, according to theNational Propane Gas Assn. (NPGA).

“The alternative fuel tax provisions are uniquely important, not just to the propane industry, but for every American because they help us achieve our energy security goals,” said Richard Roldan, president & CEO of NPGA. 

“According to a recent independent study, virtually all of the propane consumed in the United States is produced from North American resources,” he noted.

According to NPGA, the cost to convert a vehicle to run on propane autogas can be less than other alternative fuels.

“The extension of the alternative fuel tax credit and the refueling infrastructure tax credit will help get more propane autogas vehicles on the road and encourage fleet managers to strongly consider alternative fuel options before making a decision,” added Roldan. 


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