Roehl orders TrailerTails for new trailer order

Roehl orders TrailerTails for new trailer order

Roehl Transport will deploy 500 TrailerTail aerodynamic devices from ATDynamics on 500 new trailers ordered from Wabash National.

Roehl tested the TrailerTail in 2012 with an initial deployment of 100 units, ATDynamics said.

“Roehl’s on-road testing confirmed the fuel savings benefit and durability of TrailerTail technology,” said Rick Roehl, president of Roehl Transport. “Drivers understand that in addition to saving fuel, aerodynamic trailers are safer, handle better in high winds and reduce dangerous road spray.”

According to AT Dynamics, the 500 units will offset the fuel consumption equivalent to taking approximately 500 passenger vehicles off the road.

“Roehl has successfully served its customers for over 50 years through its commitment to customer service, technology innovation and safety,” said Kyle Houston, vice president of sales for ATDynamics. “We are privileged to provide our TrailerTail technology to such a respected leader in the trucking industry.”

Roehl’s new trailers with the TrailerTails will start hitting the roads this month.

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