Roush CleanTech unveils new propane autogas Ford stripped chassis

Roush CleanTech has added three Ford stripped chassis to the products available with its propane autogas fuel system. Ford model year 2013 or newer F-59, F-53 and E-450 stripped chassis can now be ordered with Roush CleanTech’s system.

The propane autogas chassis are equipped with a 6.8L, V10 engine using a 67-usable gal. fuel tank, Roush said. The Ford E-450 stripped chassis comes equipped with a 41-usable gal. fuel tank.

The Ford F-59 commercial step van chassis and the Ford E-450 stripped chassis adapt to numerous fleet delivery applications, Roush said, such as bakery, textile, package delivery service, linen and medical services. The Ford F-53 platform offers a flexible commercial platform for trolleys, lunch trucks and more. The size and cargo capabilities of all three platforms are customizable for specific business vehicle applications.

“With excellent vehicle range and affordable price points, these platforms are a home run for hub and spoke model fleets,” said Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for Roush CleanTech. “These commercial stripped chassis platforms operating on propane autogas can help companies save $35,000 or more in fuel and operating expenses over the vehicle’s lifetime. And whether fleets use public fueling stations or install onsite private refueling, they’ll find refueling is inexpensive and easy.”

According to the company, its propane autogas vehicles emit 20% less nitrogen oxide, 60% less carbon monoxide and up to 25% less greenhouse gases.

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