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Ryder to fuel fleets with renewable natural gas

Ryder System and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. announced an agreement for Ryder to take the step in switching the fuel at its stations in Orange and Fontana, CA, to Clean Energy’s Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG).

The fuel at the two stations will be available in both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to individual and public fleet vehicles.

“Our decision to use 100% renewable natural gas is based upon our ongoing commitment to ensuring we are delivering solutions that help our customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Scott Perry, vice president of supply management and global fuel products, Ryder. “With Redeem we achieve that with a 100% renewable fuel.”

By making the switch to Redeem, Ryder said it is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 6,300 metric tons per year using current fuel volumes. This would be the equivalent of removing approximately 1,319 passenger cars from the road annually, the company added.

As part of the fuel agreement, Clean Energy will be providing fuel station maintenance services at Ryder’s natural gas fueling stations in Fontana and Orange.

“After launching Redeem as a commercial fuel just two short years ago, Clean Energy is on track to deliver over 40 million gallons this year,” said Harrison Clay, president of Clean Energy Renewables. “Ryder’s leadership to provide Redeem at their two stations in southern California will now expand the benefits of the cleanest fuel to Ryder commercial customers’ fleets operating hundreds of additional heavy duty trucks and other vehicles.”

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