SmartTruck adds pup-trailer aero system

LAS VEGAS. According to SmartTruck, its newest trailer aerodynamic system is designed for 28-ft pup trailers and will deliver fuel savings of up to 9%. The new aero device was announced here at the annual ATA Management Conference & Exhibition.

“Pup trailers present a similar challenge to 53-ft trailers,” said Mike Henderson, CEO of SmartTruck. "We are applying the same UnderTray design strategies that have worked so well on 53-ft trailers, using our CFD analysis techniques to understand the different flow field that exists with the pups.

“We are applying that knowledge to the adaptation of our UnderTray system to provide similar performance for pup operators,” he continued. “The pup UnderTray systems will have the same ruggedness and durability with very quick installations that our customers have come to expect."

The system includes an aero rain guard for the top rear edge of the trailer, a nose system for the front of the trailer, side fairings, and a forward UnderTray for use on straight-frame pup trailers. Different systems are available for both straight frame and drop frame pup trailers.

The company noted that the new system’s components are made in the U.S. of durable polyethylene plastic – a 100% recyclable material used in many truck and marine applications.

SmartTruck said users can expect these “real-world savings” from the system components:

Drop-frame trailers:

Aero Rain Guard and Side Fairings – 2 to 3%

Aero Rain Guard, Side Fairings and Nose System – 4 to 5%

Straight-frame trailers:

Aero Rain Guard and Side Fairings – 2 to 3%

Aero Rain Guard, Side Fairings and Nose System – 5 to 6%

Aero Rain Guard, Side Fairings, Nose System and Forward UnderTray – 8 to 9%

The company also announced that it has reached the milestone of order sales of more than 20,000 units for its aerodynamic trailer UnderTray systems. These include its UT-1, full UT-6 andits new pup-trailer system.

“We introduced our company and product two years ago at this ATA show,” pointed out Henderson.“To have grown to this point and hear the savings and durability reports from our customers is a testament to the success of our aerodynamic and mechanical design strategy. We are using the air to the vehicle’s advantage and placing the UnderTray components safely inside the footprint of the trailer.  This gives us maximum performance and durability.”

Depending on the system and components deployed on a trailer, he said fleets and owner-operators can expect to see fuel savings from 5.5%with the UT1 to more than 10%with the full UT-6 System.

According to Henderson, SmartTruck is also “seeing the durability for its systems proven with replacement rates a fraction of one percent. In addition, he reported that installation times for most fleets are under one hour, and “maintenance personnel and drivers are seeing the benefits of being able to access the underside of the trailer.”

“We have installed 1,800 of the UT-6 UnderTray Systems on our trailers with zero dollars spent on maintenance,” said Randy Cornell, vice president of maintenanceforCon-way Truckload. “These systems are contributing to increased fuel efficiency, and our drivers can still get under the trailer easily to conduct proper pre-trip safety inspections.”

 “Our fleet is seeing greater than a 10%t improvement in MPG since we installed the full UT-6 System,” said Norm Thiessen, owner of Paraclete Transport.

“Our customers are telling us they are seeing performance increases of more than 7% with the UT6,” said Charlie Mudd, president at Vanguard National Trailer Corp.“We also like the SmartTruck System’s accessible design and ruggedness.”




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