Tanker equipped with plug-in system enters field work

Tanker equipped with plug-in system enters field work

INDIANAPOLIS. Odyne Systems showed off the first tanker vehicle equipped with its plug-in system this week at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

Three of the trucks will be in operation with Duke Energy. The company uses them for refueling operations at nuclear facilities, meaning there is significant power take-off usage when pumping fuel into equipment, resulting in high engine usage.

Matt Jarmuz, director of sales for Odyne, said the plug-in system will significantly cut into that idle time. The Odyne system will power all the pumps necessary for refueling operations and still have available power to propel the truck when it needs to move.

“Typically, the vehicle would idle all day, for 6, 7, or even 8 hours,” Jarmuz said.

The Odyne system has been in use in other applications, including bucket and van operations with Duke Energy.

The Odyne plug-in hybrid system uses energy from a large advanced battery system to improve efficiency and power during driving. It features proprietary and patented hybrid technology combining reliable electric power conversion, power control and energy storage technology. The system reduces fleet operating and maintenance costs, and depending on duty cycle, enables large trucks to obtain fuel economy improvements of up to 50% compared to traditional diesel or gasoline engines, the company said.

The system has 28 kW of stored energy and is capable of supporting 6-18kW of exportable power. According to Jarmuz, the system will help fleets save about 10 gals. of fuel per day in the right  applications, resulting in fuel savings of $10,000 or more per year. It takes 8 hours to fully recharge the system.

The Duke Energy vehicle on display featured a tank from Amthor and a Freightliner chassis with Allison transmission.

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