TruStar Energy to build CNG station for Muncie Sanitary District

TruStar Energy is building a new public fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station for the Muncie Sanitary District in Muncie, IN. The station, equipped with two dispensers and four hoses, will initially fuel the city's trash truck fleet – which is currently converting the entire 12-truck fleet to CNG.

Slated for a May 2014 opening, the station will feature two Ariel 200 hp. compressors capable of producing nearly six gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) of fuel per minute. In addition, the station will also include added fuel storage, which will help to speed the fueling of vehicles. In addition, Edelbach said the station will include two fast-fill dispensers with credit card readers, similar to what consumers are used to seeing at most public gas stations.

“TruStar Energy is proud to bring the first CNG fueling station in the area to the City of Muncie,” said TruStar Energy vice president, Scott Edelbach. “We’re seeing more cities across the country looking toward CNG – as well planning for dual-use stations that provide for public fueling.”

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