TruStar Energy builds CNG station for refuse hauler

TruStar Energy has built a time-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) station for Vogel Disposal Services.

Vogel is a Mars, PA-based hauler with a fleet of 300.

“Moving to CNG was the right thing to do for us,” said Doug Vogel, Vogel vice president. Vogel already captures and cleans its landfill gas and then puts it back into the utility pipeline. “We’re generating about 8,000 diesel gallon equivalent per day, and our plan is to eventually fuel our trucks with our own natural gas,” said Vogel.

Vogel said the decision to move to CNG was driven partially by engine issues pertaining to the new diesel emissions standards, which affected Vogel's productivity. “Our newer trucks were having a lot of exhaust regen issues, which would take the truck down and often require that we take them back to the truck dealer—making it tough on our operation.”

TruStar Energy designed and constructed a two-compressor time-fill station that went online in mid May. The station currently fuels Vogel’s 10 CNG garbage trucks, but was built with the capability to fuel up to 70 trucks—which is part of Vogel’s expansion plan.

“We run 70 units out of this location and our plan is to replace them with CNG units at the rate of about 10 trucks each year,” said Vogel.

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