TruStar Energy to deliver portable fuel system to refuse fleet

TruStar Energy is ready to deliver its portable fuel system [PFS] to Basin Disposal, Inc., a Pasco, WA-based refuse fleet.

The PFS, scheduled for March 2014 delivery, will be used to fuel Basin’s new arrival of four automated garbage trucks.

The TruStar PFS is a self-contained compressor-redundant system that arrives on a small skid, providing 66 diesel-gal. equivalent of fuel per hour. The two-compressor setup allows fueling via one compressor at a time.

“Fleets like Basin Disposal are a perfect application for the PFS," said Scott Edelbach, TruStar Energy vice president. “The refuse market segment was one of the early adopters of CNG and Basin Disposal’s choice of the PFS will provide them with low-cost fuel at their location without the additional expense of a traditional 'brick and mortar' permanent station.”

Third-generation Basin Disposal president Darrick Dietrich said that the move to compressed natural gas [CNG], was primarily driven by economics and operational stability.

“Economics was the primary driver behind looking at CNG,” said Dietrich. “CNG presents a cost savings, as well fuel-price stability. These are major factors that will benefit our rate payers.”

Basin Disposal plans on being operational by April 2014 and plans on having eight CNG garbage trucks at their site by the end of 2014.

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