TruStar opens SW Florida’s first public CNG fueling station

TruStar Energy announced that it has opened a company-owned public CNG fueling station at 5345 Dividend Drive, Fort Myers, FL.

Located near the crossroads of I-75 and the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the 24/7 CNG fast-fill station is capable of fueling several hundred vehicles a day, delivering stable fuel cost and reduced transportation-related emissions for the Fort Myers area, the company said. This station also serves as a midpoint between Tampa and Fort Lauderdale for fleets travelling the I-75 corridor.

"Florida already has a high volume of CNG vehicles on the road today, and even with low diesel prices, we continue to see more fleets switching to CNG from diesel. CNG is cleaner, domestically produced and abundant, and resistant to price volatility," said Adam Comora, president of TruStar Energy. "Close to several major fleets, as well as a heavy traffic corridor, our new Fort Myers station will be a valuable and productive resource for businesses in the area."

Last year, TruStar Energy said it embarked on an accelerated strategy to open company-owned public CNG stations along high-traffic U.S. corridors. The company opened TruStar Energy-owned public fueling stations in Orlando, FL; Tulsa, OK; Houston, TX; and Lafayette, LA.

The new Fort Myers TruStar Energy CNG station has four traffic lanes and two dual-hose fast-fill fueling pumps. The station accepts commercial fuel cards such as Comdata or Fuelman, as well as all major credit cards. 

Able to dispense 11.6 GGE per minute of fuel, the station currently includes two Ariel JGQ300—250 HP compressors, each generating 736 scfm of gas; one PBS dryer and two ANGI fast-fill dispensers.

"Once again, Ariel is pleased to be the trusted compressor provider for another TruStar Energy and ANGI Energy Systems project. Thank you to TruStar Energy and ANGI for once again recognizing and trusting that Ariel compressors offer industry-leading, world standard quality, unparalleled customer service, and the longest warranty in the industry," said Brad Couch, CNG Business Development Manager for Ariel Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of reciprocating natural gas compressors.

Couch continued, "Ariel is excited for local businesses in Fort Myers as well as those fleets that travel the I-75 corridor to be able to an finally take advantage of clean and domestic CNG."

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