VNG.CO to provide CNG fueling to Donlen fleet customers

Donlen and VNG.CO have reached agreement to provide compressed natural gas (CNG) to Donlen fleet customers.

Donlen is a provider of integrated financing and asset management solutions. VNG.CO offers CNG retail-centric fueling facility programs.

“By partnering with VNG.CO, we’re providing resources that our customers need to successfully implement light-duty CNG vehicles in their fleet,” said Amy Blaine, Donlen’s vice president of consulting, analytics, and sustainability. “Now, in addition to providing analysis and vehicles that show customers where CNG makes sense for them, we’re giving them access to a network of stations. This comprehensive program makes sense from both implementation and ROI perspective and will help customers make decisions about choosing CNG vehicles for their fleet.” 

According to Donlen, VNG.CO fueling facilities will be available to fleets at prime retail locations. For fleets operating bi-fuel vehicles which can fuel on CNG or gasoline, drivers have access to both fuels at a single location.

“We look forward to working with Donlen to provide their light-duty fleet customers a fueling solution that enables a seamless transition to NGVs,” said Robert Friedman, Chief Operating Officer of VNG. “This initiative is aligned with our vision of developing a national CNG fueling network for all drivers.”

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