AT&T adds two distracted-driving business solutions

AT&T has introduced two mobile-communication  solutions-- Associate PLEDGE and SafeCell Enterprise—that are both aimed at reducing dangerous driving behavior by business employees.

The company said that its new Associate PLEDGE is a mobile app that “lets businesses conduct real-time monitoring and helps to enforce corporate policies on mobile devices while employees are driving.”

AT&T said Associate PLEDGE is best suited for mobile employees, fleet drivers and sales teams that regularly travel on company business or operate company vehicles. Using the app, employers can manage and restrict device use while employee vehicles are in motion, including blocking phone calls, text messages and push-to-talk capabilities.

The company said its new SafeCell Enterprise solution enables businesses “to monitor employee device usage via GPS, gaining visibility into how fast employees are driving, and whether employees are in compliance with regulatory and corporate policies on their mobile devices while driving.”

According to At&T, the SafeCell Enterprise information, along with vehicle monitoring data will be combined in a single dashboard, allowing for easier monitoring and compliance with local, state and federal government restrictions around mobile device use. The solution is designed for businesses with commercial fleets and will integrate with fleet management solutions typically used for vehicle monitoring and logging.

SafeCell Enterprise will also allow an employer to block use of applications while in-transit, such as email, social media sites, texting and web browsing.

“Mobile devices are making it easy for businesses to rely on employees who work offsite,” said Chris Hill, senior vp, Advanced Solutions, for AT&T Business Solutions. “But when those devices are used while driving, employees can put themselves and others at risk. Many businesses have policies in place to address this issue, but little means to enforce them. Associate PLEDGE and SafeCell Enterprise will help businesses enforce those policies and help keep employees safe.”

Both Associate PLEDGE and SafeCell Enterprise will work across leading mobile device platforms and operating systems. And, noted AT&T, because the solutions are hosted in the cloud, no additional hardware purchase is required.

AT&T also pointed out it already offers consumers DriveMode solution which, when downloaded and activated, automatically sends a customizable reply to incoming texts – notifying the sender that the user is driving and unable to respond.

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