California cop fires on semi to prevent crash

A California police officer fired his weapon into a semi’s windshield in an attempt to change the truck driver’s direction to prevent a crash with an automobile.

According to a report in the Press Enterprise, a Fontana, CA, police officer didn’t hit anyone when he fired at the big rig driven by Tyrone Hatchett.

Authorities had attempted to arrest Hatchett at a Fontana truck stop when he drove away, leading police on a 30-mi., 55-min. chase from Fontana to Rialto on July 28.

During the pursuit officers tried to use a spike strip to disable the truck when Hatchett veered the rig toward a family sitting in their vehicle, which had stopped for the chase, police said.

A Fontana police officer — fearing for the family’s safety — fired at the truck’s windshield in an attempt to change the driver’s direction. The driver was not hit by the bullet and changed course missing the family. Hatchett drove on for another 20 min., police said.

Finally police were able to stop the rig in Rialto using spike strips.

Hatchett was wanted on a warrant for violating probation on a federal conviction for smuggling immigrants. In a news release, the U.S. Marshals Service said that Hatchett’s criminal history also includes firearm violations, rape and multiple assaults.

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