The Canadian ELD proposal is similar to the one just implemented in the United States. (File photo)

Canada issues ELD proposal

The federal government of Canada has formally published a draft version of its electric logging device (ELD) mandate. 

The long-awaited rule is similar to the mandate that was implemented on Dec. 18 in the United States. Following a public comment period and review, the Canadian ELD mandate is expected to be finalized within two years.

“This will make truck drivers less prone to fatigue,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said. “It will make our roads safer.”

Canadian-based truckers traveling into the United States are already required to use an ELD.

The announcement was welcomed by the Canadian Trucking Alliance. President Stephen Laskowski said in a statement the group would work with provinces on a strategy to roll out the devices, and hopes they will be rolled out as soon as possible.

“ELDs will ensure optimum compliance with the hours-of-service regulation, reducing commercial vehicle collisions related to fatigue and cognitive driver distraction,” said Laskowski, who is also president of the Ontario Trucking Association.

“Three years ago, our government became the first in Canada to publicly endorse the use of electronic logging devices,” said Steven Del Duca, Ontario’s minister of transportation. “I commend Transport Canada for taking this important step toward making these devices mandatory.”

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