Crashes prompt lower speed limit on Florida’s I-75

A truck crash last week that shut down I-75 in a construction zone in Lee County Florida has prompted the Dept.  of Transportation to lower the speed limit in a “crash zone” between Luckett Road north to SR-80.

The speed limit in the construction zone remained at 70 mph when work began, however a spate of accidents has caused the state DOT to lower the speed limit in the zone to 60 mph.

According to an ABC News report, in two days, two crashes inside the two-mile stretch of pavement snarled traffic for hours and sent three people to the hospital.

"Drivers are making dangerous decisions," said Debbie Tower, a spokesperson with the Florida DOT. She says poor driving habits and bad weather are to blame for the wrecks. "They need to slow down and pay attention," Tower said.

FHP Lieutenant Greg Bueno warned that troopers will be out in force to enforce the new speed limit and pointed out that speeding fines in construction zones are doubled. "They're already expensive. But put a times-two there and it will hit you in the pocket book," he said.

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