Dock lighting for truckers

TMI has released a line of dock lighting to help truck drivers safely align and back into loading docks at night. The Guide-Pro Truck Lights complement the company’s dock light product line, TMI said.

Guide-Pro Truck Lights provide a visual guide for truck drivers by illuminating the dock face. By referencing this visual point, truck drivers can safely align the dock face in their mirrors, preventing crooked entry and overrunning-the-dock mishaps, the company said.

“They make [lining a truck up in] a tough double-inside dock much easier,” said Tony Cigna, a FedEx Freight driver and one of the first to utilize TMI’s Guide-Pro Loading Dock Guide Lights.

“Any driver who backs into inside docks knows you are blind for a good part of the backing process,” he added. “Whether it’s bright sunshine outside or dark, these lights make a huge difference.”

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