Flatbed cargo securement training program offered

In part to help drivers and carriers comply with cargo securement regulations under CSA, J.J. Keller & Associates is releasing a new training program to reduce the risks associated with improper securement and improve safety.

The new Cargo Securement Flatbeds training program teaches drivers how to keep their flatbed loads in place and in compliance with 49 CFR Section 392.9 and Part 393, Subpart I. The program includes best practices and how-to information to ensure the proper and safe securement of cargo, J.J. Keller said.

It also underscores the impact of cargo securement violations on both the individual driver and the carrier under CSA.

Topic areas covered include correct tiedown use; rub rail issues, headerboards, and other aspects of proper cargo securement. It also includes separate segments on the five most common types of commodities: heavy equipment, lumber and building materials, metal coils, concrete pipe, and logs.

“This training program truly covers a lot of ground, of course it explains the regulations and the consequences of securing cargo improperly, but it goes well beyond that. It really conveys the responsibility that drivers have for protecting their cargo, their vehicles, the public, and their own personal safety throughout the transportation process, from pre-trip right up to the point of delivery,” said Daren Hansen, senior editor-transportation safety at J. J. Keller.

The program features a closed-captioned DVD video that includes a main program, hazard perception challenge scenarios, a 10-question quiz, and a note to trainers. The video uses state-of-the-art techniques to demonstrate proper load securement, plus situational scenarios to increase drivers’ comprehension. Supporting materials include an instructor’s guide, a trainer tools CD-ROM with two PowerPoint presentations, and an awareness poster.

The program also includes a driver training packet, containing a cargo securement flatbeds driver handbook, handbook for drivers, sliding calculator. The packets are recommended for each driver and are available online at jjkeller.com/53827.

The DVD training program, with all the components listed above, is priced at $365.

Cargo Securement FLATBEDS is available in additional formats that feature the same expert content, enabling trainers to respond to a variety of student learning styles and maximize the potential for learning to occur, while providing consistent information company-wide.

J. J. Keller's training formats include Video On Demand, which grants access to J. J. Keller's entire video training library and is available in Pay Per View or Subscription Service. Starting this month, Interactive Online will be available, enabling self-paced learning anywhere there is an Internet connection. In August 2012, Interactive CD-ROM training will also be available, which enables self-paced learning without an Internet connection.


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