Lessthantruckload carrier Holland honored William quotPatquot Shelton one of its professional drivers for reaching 3 million miles without any preventable accidents Photo courtesy Holland
<p>Less-than-truckload carrier Holland honored William &quot;Pat&quot; Shelton, one of its professional drivers, for reaching 3 million miles without any preventable accidents. (Photo courtesy Holland)</p>

Holland driver covers "incredible" 3 million safe miles

Now here's a milestone worth noting: less-than-truckload carrier Holland today honored one of its professional drivers, William "Pat" Shelton, who covered 3 million miles without a single preventable accident.

Holland driver William "Pat" Shelton

The company held an award ceremony at its South Bend, IN service center to mark the occasion. "With this record, Pat has joined a small and elite group of professional Holland drivers," the company states in a release. "He is one of 13 active Holland drivers to have reached this remarkable safety milestone."

ABC 57 News was at the Holland facility this morning before the ceremony, where Shelton was slated to receive a trophy, ring and both a leather jacket and decals for his truck signifying his "3-million-miler" achievement. Shelton was to arrive at the ceremony in style as well, with a police escort planned to accompany him through South Bend.

The news station's Rosie Woods highlighted how few drivers have reached this lofty number of safe-driven miles. "It's a pretty big deal," she said in a segment filmed this morning on Shelton's "steering clear record."

Holland notes that Shelton has driven with the company for 22 years out of his 34-year career. In crediting how he reached the milestone, Shelton points to his wife's support for him in the job.

"I wouldn't have been able to do this without my wife of almost 30 years, Karen," he states in Holland's release. "When I was gone on the road for long periods of time, all of the responsibilities back home fell on her. She has always stood by my side and supported me all the way."

And although few drivers may ever reach the 3-million-mi. mark without a preventable accident, Holland points to its company-wide emphasis on safety. "While his record is exceptional, Pat's dedication to excellence and safety is representative of Holland on the whole," the Holland release states. "Holland works to develop and nurture a culture of safety that can be seen throughout the company, at all levels of operation."


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