New ‘enhancement box’ takes Mobileye safety system to next level

Mobileye has added a new “enhancement box” to its collision avoidance system that takes safety to a new level for drivers. The enhancement box can be used to automatically activate different functions of the vehicle, such as turning on the hazard lights or turning off the radio, when safety alerts are generated.

The box has three configurable outputs that can be connected to different functions of the vehicle providing fleet and safety managers the ability to tailor the system to their needs. For example, connecting the hazard lights to the enhancement box can cause them to be lit or blink when a forward collision warning is activated.

The box can also mute the radio to ensure audio alerts are heard, add haptic warning via a seat vibrator, and deactivate factory cruise control.

The new Enhancement Box also provides improved compatibility with older vehicles. Used together with the Mobileye 5 series system, it allows for analog integration with vehicles that are not equipped with CAN or J-bus signals.

“We are committed to offering our customers the most advanced safety solutions, and we strive to pave the way in the collision avoidance industry,” said Isaac Litman, CEO of Mobileye Aftermarket. “The Enhancement Box is another valuable component added to our suite of safety features helping us to keep our customers safe on the road.”

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